Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Beth, Booster and I all hope that you have a great holiday season back home. We have a two-week Christmas break. And since we usually spend this with our families who we miss so much, we thought we would get out of Katowice and travel a little. So we are now in Sanok, Poland, a town of about 45,000 in SE Poland. It is a very charming town surrounded by hills and forests. We are waking early to take advantage of the 8 hours of daylight that this time of year allows for, and doing loads of walking. Today we went to a Skansen, a local outdoor museum featuring Polish dwellings from the past few centuries. It was very interesting. The best part was the two timber churches. They were ornately adorned inside and have beautiful wooden shingle exteriors. We will post photos when we get back.

Beth and I did have our own small Christmas Eve feast, featuring Smoked salmon and soft olive cheese on ciabata bread, served with sides of cashews, carrot, beet and cabbage salads. We started the feast with a shot of vodka and washed the meal down with hot chocolate and local beer with lemon. DELICIOUS! We are about to return to our room and finish it off with cake and more hot cocoa. We picked up a thermos before our adventures and it is saving our lives.

We will be in Sanok on Christmas day, but then plan to shoot off somewhere else. We were originally planning Slovakia, but now we are leaning towards staying in Poland. It is tricky this time of year. There are few tourists and everything shuts down on Christmas and the day after. And since today is Sunday, everything was shut down today as well. But we are having a wonderful time to say the least. Of course we wish we could be spending Christmas back in the states torn between Tulsa and Austin as usual with our families. But maybe next year. This year my Grandma Betty made it into Austin from California. I am sorry I missed you, Grandma. But I'm glad I got to see you a few months ago when I visited Cali.

Anyways, we love all of you guys. And we are thinking of you in between our long walks and vodka shots. By the way, if you're wondering what we got eachother for Christmas... we are planning on having lots of fun travel adventures together and exchanging bites of cake while we're at it. Love ya. We'll post soon.


Trish Morrison said...

Oh no! my long comment didn't publish! In a nutshell, all is great here, I'm so happy for both of you and I got the link to your blog from Erica so it's good to hear from you in that way.

I've had a kick-ass contract job that is up in February because I accepted a project manager job (@ $20K more than Goodwill--with NO staff to manage!)

I was published for the first time as a freelancer. (see my website for links to the article in the ABJ and to my blog) (still teaching myself code and html, so it's in progress but looks pretty damn good!)

Homer is still the most amazing man ever (sorry bhad!)

Christmas was fantastic.

Generally, life is soooooooo good. I couldn't be happier if I tried.

I think about you often. And, Bhad, nice job on the ring!

Love, Trish

kara said...

you guys are mush-a-licious. merry everything!