Sunday, September 02, 2007

27 Years Old

Sept 1 I turned 27. It's been a great year: Got married to a wonderful wife (planning our honeymoon in Hungary in a few weeks), living and teaching in Poland, picked up the harmonica, plenty of travel (even made it to the Ukraine) and topped it off with a fun summer bumming it around Poland with our friend Kara from Texas.

Last night the three of us hit the streets of Warsaw to celebrate. Kara treated to an awesome sushi dinner complete with red wine (sold illegally according to the waitress. I asked for a wine list and the waitress said we don't have one because we don't sell alcohol with a grin. Then, she asked if we would like red or white. Too wierd.) The dinner was topped off with a surprise cheesecake that Beth picked up for me complete with big 2 & 7 candles. Kara smuggled it in (a Verduzco tradition) and the waitress brought it out along with coffee. Beth and Kara sang and the party was complete...

Well almost complete -- then of course we headed to the Irish pub for a pint of guinness topped off by a liter (and that's a lot of beer) of Belfast. Made it home before 1 am to see kara off today. It was a night to remember.

Kara gave me an awesome book -- a little early actually -- and I've already finished it. If you haven't read it, check out "The Life of Pi". Beth gave me a guidebook to Amsterdam and an open invitation to enjoy the city with her, so plans are under way.

Well, got to run. I just had breakfast and we're seing Kara off in a few minutes. Will post soon.