Thursday, January 11, 2007


I love Polish beverages. They come in all shapes and sizes (as do beverages from other sovereign states). But they are special.

Carrot juice for 3 zloty (1 USD) that is branded: Jednodniakowy, which means "one day." This juice is so fresh and delicious that its lifespan is only one, miraculous day. It's right on the label!

Barszcz (pron: Bar-sh-ch). Hot, beetroot soup served in a mug. It might sound disturbing, but it is a treat for the tastebuds. But a bit confusing. Is it a soup? Or is it a beverage?

Maslanka (pron: mosh-lahn-kah). Fruit flavored yogurt drink that you can buy by the liter for less than 2 zloty ($0.75). Good on granola or in a medium sized glass, sipping slowly. If you're lucky, there will be tiny bits of peach or strawberry or even grapefruit floating through this delicacy.

Sparkling water (also called Woda Gazowana). Underappreciated? I say yes. I feel excited...I am becoming European by the glass! It's fizzy and my brain thinks it tastes like pop, but my body says "thank you for drinking water." It's manipulative, that sparkling water. But with the best of intentions. It's good on its own, but add a few tablespoons of raspberry syrup and you're in healthy (or semi-healthy) Heaven.

Along the same lines. Beer with raspberry syrup: also delicious. And so simple at just two ingredients. Syrup and cold beer. Not too bitter, not too sweet.

Mulled wine (or Wino Grzane) pretty much tops my list. But it's not to be drunk (drinken? drunken?) on just any old day. It waits in the wings for a cold, dark night, and knows that it's only mission is to warm up your heart, soul, and most importantly, your tongue-esophogus-belly route. Ok, here's the recipe: good red wine, whole cloves, cinnamon, some kind of pepper (it's called ziele angielski here), sugar, and a big, fat orange slice. Heat to hot (not boiling) and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Na Strovie (cheers)!

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kara said...

I see a pattern forming here, and so I'll make a blanket assumption: everything tastes better with raspberry syrup. Off I go, for a dinner of raspberry veggie burger, raspberry fries with raspberry catsup (hee hee I like kiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiies), raspberry potato salad and pickle slathered in raspberry. Hee-yar.