Monday, October 02, 2006

The countdown begins

Mister Booster, what's your news, sir?

Well, it's Oct. 2 and we're counting down to our departure. Pretty much everything that can be put on Craiglsist has been, and now we're sleeping on the floor with a stack of blankets that will be donated or given away in a couple of days. Josh, my brother, just got his new place, so they might go to him if he needs them.

I just looked at the weather in Krakow yesterday. It looks like it's dropping like 10° every week. So that puts us getting there on Oct. 11 and it will be in the mid 40s. OUCH! We will have to get coats straight away when we get there and make sure we've got what we need to stay warm. A couple of friends have mentioned the potential need for boots, but each time they do I think, "naaaaa, I won't need boots. I'll be fine." Well, maybe I'll get a pair of boots too. At this rate, I might need them. I'v already got the socks. You guys know that I wear hiking socks pretty much all the time already. So that's already taken care of. We'll have to get Bethanie some thick ones too. And Booster so that he has a pair to chew on and doesn't eat ours.

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Mariangela said...

Apolonia! The land of the cold gods! They'll freeze the Texas hell out of you guys! Can't wait to hear about your initial experiences.