Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photos of Town Center

We realized we hadn't posted any pictures of where we live, so we're trying to take more. Here are a few from the town center (Stare Miasto). See if you can find Mr. Verduzco in one of them!

We've gotta run. It's a beautiful day here today, and we start our intensive course tomorrow so we have to take advantage! It's about 70 degrees and sunny, so we're going to try to find a park to play in with Booster.

Love from Krakow!


molly cait said...

It looks gorgeous!

Ian B. said...

Aweseome guys. I am looking forward to the wedding in Iceland or whever you will be :). All the best from the "new world".

Manny said...

Congratulations you two. And Bhadri, I'm just glad to hear you didn't chunk on the flight over. : )