Monday, October 30, 2006

Celta Training Course Begins

So we have completed our first week of Celta, the English teaching certification course that you all heard about before we came. It is intense. With 12 hour days and three lessons to teach per week, things get hectic. It is a thrill to get in front of the class and teach. Yes, we are teaching real students. They sign up for the free course knowing that they will be taught by teachers in training.

We just turned back the clocks yesterday. So now it gets dark here at around 4:30. And it's getting colder. It was 4 degrees celcius when I woke this morning. That's like 38 farenheit. It will climb to the 50s before the day is over. We're bundled up, each with a new coat and plenty of layers. Bethanie has discovered the joy of warm tights again (they're totally fashionable here), and I picked up a new sweater. I guess I'll need gloves next.

The leaves changed practically overnight from green to yellow and then the next night most of them fell off the trees. Each morning shop keepers and tenants line up down the lane sweeping the walks. Tomorrow we'll get up, down a hot cup of tea and some oatmeal or french toast and walk the booster before heading to training. And once again they'll be sweeping leaves.


Manny said...

"Where in the world is Bhadri Verduzco?"

I'm going to say in the red jacket, in the top photo, in front of the stairs.

Second guess... Professor Plum, in the study, with the candle stick...wait...oh, sorry, that's another blog.

Beth, Bhads & Booster said...

Manny, you're a dork. And that's why we love you.