Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween, School & Snow

Happy Halloween to everyone! Hope you all had loads of fun. Halloween seemed like any other day here. I did see two guys dressed up walking up our street, but other than that, nothing. They were teaching some of the younger kids at our language school how to trick or treat. So that tells me something. In USA that's a skill that kids have before they can even talk.

The course is keeping us busy. M-F 8 am-@9pm before we get home. Long days. But we are learning a lot. I have already taught 4 lessons and I will teach my 5th one tomorrow. It's a 60 min lesson. So I've been planning my tail off. But even though it's hard work, I'm having lots of fun doing it. It's really exciting to learn again.

IT"S SNOWING right now. I woke up and looked at the window sill and saw a little frost and thought "hmm it must have froze a little last night." Then my eyes panned up and everything was covered in white! It's beautiful. It stopped just long enough for us to make the 20 min. walk from our apt. to school and now the fluries are falling again. There must be at least 3 in. on the trees.


molly cait said...

i miss snow!

molly cait said...

i miss my sister!