Friday, November 03, 2006

Around Cracowia

Here's yet another glimpse into our new city. The pics always post in random order, but I'd like to comment on them. It's a matching activity! (This teaching business has really gotten to me. Side note: Bhadri and I both dream in CELTA. It's infiltrated our subconsciouses. Bad news bears. We live teaching all day long 8 to 8 at the school, then lesson planning and assignments at night until 11-ish, then when we finally have a chance to escape to follows us! Everytime I turn over at night I think: make a smooth transition between tasks and be sure to make your instructions clear...)

In no particular order-

Picture 1: Booster found a twin-dog named Sara in the Planty (pron: Plahn-tih), the garden that encircles the old town. They played for about 5 minutes in the grass: Booster leashed, Sara unleashed. Booster was like those chair-swings at the fair, swinging around and around Bhadri at the center, chasing Sara or being chased by Sara nobody knew. I swear he caught some air at one point!

Picture 2: Some cool grafiti found around our neighborhood. I don't know what it says, but the Smurfs were a childhood favorite so it gets my stamp of approval. Clever tagging.

Pictures 3 & 4: Some great buildings in our neighborhood. Some of the most elegant buildings are just left to self-destruct here. Inside these buidlings, they are usually renovated and kept up nicely, but the fascade is left to the elements. I think they're beautiful.

We miss and love all our friends and family. Have a warm and cozy weekend!

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+tony said...

so i googled the smurf talk, and found:

which has an english translation sister site:

so i can only guess that those smurfs are discussing/exclaiming about the state of Polish politics. Which might strike me as odd if i knew anything about Polish politics, but i dont, so maybe it makes sense. Maybe Papa Smurf, at left, represents the political head, and what i can only guess is angry smurf (based on his obvious emotion) is not happy with him. Maybe i am overanalyzing. maybe you should keep the pictures coming, they are splendid.

Also, since i didnt comment back before, many congrats from me.