Friday, November 17, 2006

The dishes are done, man!

So Beth and I have completed the month-long intensive training course that is CELTA. The course was a challenge, most days running very long, but we have both done very well. Not quite sure of the final marks yet -- we should have word of that on Tuesday. We have a pretty good idea of what we'll get, but you never know until you know.

The possible scores are Pass, Pass B and Pass A (Pass A being the best). It's an accumulative score based on the progress made during the course and how competent your teaching ability is upon completion of the course.

So now we need to look for jobs. We are visiting a school next week in Katowice. It's about 60km from Krakow. There are two positions open, so we'll see what happens. The school is very good and we would learn a lot and get some great experience. The downside: it's not Krakow. From what I've heard, it's not really beautiful or anything special. But we'll see how the visit goes. I don't want to get ahead of myself.


molly cait said...

Gratulacj& na dokończeniu waszych klas, Bethanie I Bhadri! Jestem tak (więc) dumny z was. Jestem do kawy teraz. Szczęśliwy Thanksgiving! Kocham was obydwa.

Najwięcej (najbardziej) piękna dziewczyna w Ameryce,

Anonymous said...

I stuck what you said in a Translator, Molly. And this is what it pumped out:

On your finishing of class & Gratulacj, Bethanie and Bhadri! So, I am from you so ( ) proud. Now I am for coffee. Happy Thanksgiving! I love you both. Girl in america maximally ( most ) beautiful (fine) < beauty >, Molly

molly cait said...

yah, that looks about right.
Girl in American maximally fine,