Monday, November 27, 2006

Know English -- will teach

Just to let you know, we both got the highest marks possible for the Celta course, PASS A. So we are stoked about that. But Beth and I didn't exactly pound the pavement looking for jobs after our Celta course ended. The director of Education stopped by from a near-by city recruiting to fill 3 vacant positions.

Long-story-short: we talked to her. She was cool. We went to Katowice, which we heard was a terribly boring and unattractive place that noone would ever want to visit. We had a look and we liked the city. Applied for 2 of the jobs and we were hired the next day!

So now they are working out an apartment for us. She said she found a good place, but isn't sure if Booster is cool, so we are still waiting. Odds are we will move there on Wednesday or Thurs. The train ride is about 1.5 hrs. So that's not too bad. We are still close enough to this amazing city of Krakow.

During the visit to Katowice, we visited the school and it's really great. It's got all the support services you'd want and the staff are really cool. There are like 24 teachers there and one is from the US so that's cool. Atlanta to be specific. It should be fun getting to know the crew.

So by next week at this time we should be official TEACHERS like our moms! Yay! It runs in the family! We will be teaching classes of up to 12 students of varying ablilities. We could teach anyone from 7 year olds to upper interemediate or better. The variety supposedly keeps it interesting. We will let you know!

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Kara said...

Congrats, PASS A-ers! (certainly not passe-ers) You're movin' on up, to the pie in the sky..what? I'm putting in my request for more dogs-wearing-clothes photos. :) Love you and miss you!