Monday, November 27, 2006

Q: What Does Polish Karaoke Look Like?

A: this!

This is a very untimely post, but we thought it might still be relevant. But then again, when is karaoke not relevant? A couple of weeks ago, our students took us out karaoke-ing. The place was hidden back in a building off the main square, and we felt like we were in a elongated closet with padded walls! Smoking in pubs/restaurants hasn't been outlawed in Poland yet, so we probably inhaled about a pack of cigarettes each. The walls were great--white cloth sewed together to make walls. At one point in the "wall" it was ripped, and I daringly stuck my hand through to suss out what might be on the other side. I reached my hand in to my elbow and then felt a cold, damp wall. It was better that the cloth was there! But really the atmosphere was a-rockin' and the company wasn't so bad either.

Here are some pics of that fabulous night. You'll see: our student-friends Aga and Patrycja, with Melinda our teaching bud, jammin' out on the mic; Bhads and I trying to figure out what the screen read so we could try to sing along; a sample of what real-deal Polish karaoke looks like with a popular Polish song on the screen; me with 3 of our student-friends--Lucasz, Greg, and Mariusz; and Bhads, his thumb, and our teaching bud Bob taking it all in.

It doesn't get much better than that!

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